Office Fit Out

The interior design of an office serves as a muted narrator of a company's beliefs, with each aspect gently articulating the values, ambitions, and dreams that propel its success.

Fabiia's forte lies in full-scale office fitouts, expertly converting workplaces into customized and incredibly functional spaces that spark productivity and encourage creativity.

What we deliver

empty office with hardwood floors - cat a office fit out.
Fabiia's CAT A Fitout involves the core components of a business area's layout, incorporating flooring, ceilings, lighting, and beyond. This forms a basis for tailored design and customization, leading to a functional and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

sleek office design showcasing a spacious open space with stylish furniture - cat b office fit out.
The CAT B Fitout offered by Fabiia turns an ordinary commercial area into a precisely planned and custom-made space. It blends individual tenant requisites, partitions, furnishings, and final touches to create an extraordinary and effective workspace.

office space with premium desks and chair - office fit out contractors
Fabiia's design and build service transcends the mere delivery of a completed space; it assumes a central role as your dedicated point of contact throughout this endeavor. Starting from the inception of the design to the precise execution of the project and guaranteeing a seamless handover of the space, our efficient process guarantees a continuous and gratifying journey.
premium furniture adorns a modern office space - office refurbishment
Fabiia's refurbishment endeavors inject fresh vitality into pre-existing spaces, adeptly renewing and amplifying both the visual appeal and practical utility, resulting in a setting imbued with a sense of rejuvenation and revitalization.

a well-furnished office featuring desks and chairs - office re-engineering
Fabiia's office re-engineering process involves the systematic restructuring and fine-tuning of your workspace layout. This deliberate effort is designed to sync with evolving requirements and contemporary tendencies, fostering heightened efficiency, collaboration, and an overall enriched work experience.

Some of our recent projects